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Can Graphite do everything for my business branding and marketing needs?

If a word yes! To explain a little further.. 

In house we over five decades worth of knowledge in design, printing and website experience.  All of our web work is done in-house with no external suppliers required. Printing wise, we have 33 years of knowledge of print brokering, print management and all the printing processes. No one single supplier can provide you with all your printing needs and having worked in this sector years, we have built up a base of trade only printing suppliers who use print resellers (like ourselves) as their direct sales people.  We have at our disposal, a wide range of designers, printers and installers, ready to fulfil your requirements at a moments notice. 

So from a logo design to a branding project to printing, to signage and websites, to vehicle graphics and branded workwear, we can operate as a one stop source for all your marketing needs for the life span of your business. 

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Why use print when social is so much cheaper to promote your company brand?

Social media is free, easy to do and readily available whilst printing is slow, expensive and has to placed in the hand of a prospect. Let's break that down...

Social media is free to use -  and that's why EVERYONE is using it, even your competitors, so do something different, don't be a dolly! The scatter gun approach has hardly ever produced good results whereas targeted marketing has a much higher return rate. Direct mail pieces used to clutter your front door matt but not so much anymore so take advantage of the gap or send prospects a promotional product with your details on. Physical Evidence is one of the 7p's of the Marketing Mix, so make that physical connection and form a bond.

Social media is easy to do - Is it really? It is when you know what you're doing otherwise you're just putting your hand up for micro seconds in a full football stadium. Who saw it, practically no-one.  Physical evidence (print and promo) done correctly is one to one TARGETED marketing. It doesn't get any better than that

Printing is slow - not these days with the march of digital printing. You'd be hard pressed to tell the difference and it's all done in a matter of days, not weeks as it used to be. Something done right is better than something rushed. Let's get exactly the right message into the hands of the right target for your business services and products. Again, it's all about messaging and targeting.

Printing is expensive - Well, compared to free, everything is expensive! But compared to the cost of the order (ROI) is probably peanuts and don't forget your targeting the right people within the right companies with a sales piece which appeals to them. As I said above, this is far better than the scatter gun approach! 

Conclusion: My advice is do both. Use social media to close in and find your prospects, make contact and engage with them and then send them something physical to place your business literally in their hands to really drive your message home. 

Do The Words You Use Really Matter?

You’ve probably heard the phrase ‘Content is King’ but do the words you use when promoting your business really matter?

Well research has found that content marketing – using content to engage your potential customers – is far more effective than more direct traditional sales marketing techniques such as advertising, fliers, and even direct mail. In fact, it generates three times more leads than traditional marketing, whilst costing on average 62% less.

But whilst there are many ways to use content to attract prospects and generate sales, such as your website content, blog posts, and email newsletters, none of these will be effective and deliver the results you want unless they are well written and consistent.

A common mistake many companies make when creating content is to overlook the importance of the tone of voice they use, and what persona they want to project to those visiting their website or reading their blogs, newsletters, or social media posts. 

The tone of voice and style you use in your content is key as it gets across the personality of your business or service. A very formal style and tone will emphasize your professionalism, whilst a more informal chatty style will highlight your friendliness and fun approach. But be careful not to mix styles on your website or in your other marketing materials, as this can look inconsistent and be confusing for your audience.

As important is deciding whether your business words and content is written in first person or third person tense. Do you want to refer to yourself or your team as ‘I’ or ‘we’ or do you want to refer to yourself as an independent third party would, using terms such as ‘the team’, ‘they’, ‘he’ or ‘she’? Decide this upfront, because like the tone of voice you use, you don’t want this to be inconsistent and confusing to those reading your content.

Whatever you decide, remember that the average attention span of a website visitor is between just three and eight seconds, so you need to make an impact with your words and content fast. Your text must be engaging, and you should be clear about what you want it to achieve.

This may seem obvious but different writing styles and tones have different purposes. For example, if the intention is to encourage the website visitor to click a link or enter their contact details, a sense of urgency and importance needs to be included, as opposed to a more informational piece which is intended to educate and inform.

To summarise, remember that not all content is effective or will deliver the results you want unless it is well written and purposeful. 80% of people appreciate learning about a company through custom content rather than through traditional marketing techniques, so consider hiring a copywriting professional if you need help effectively promoting your business, services, or products.

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